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Based on a report from Michael Marlow, Pekiti-Tirsia Europe Director Scandinavian Countries:

March 2004: News from Pekiti-Tirsia in Scandinavia:


FMA accepted as separate branch in Swedish Budo Association


Filipino Embassy in Sweden supports Pekiti-Tirsia as indigenous cultural treasures of the Philippines

Pekiti-Tirsia representing FMA at Swedish Budo Association

Saturday the 20th of March 2004 was a milestone in the history of Pekiti-Tirsia, as well as all FMA, in Sweden. Michael Marlow was invited by Javier Escalante, General Secretary of the Swedish Budo Association to represent FMA at the Swedish Budo Associations annual meeting. This was because the Board of the Association supported an application from the different Swedish FMA-styles to be accepted by the association as a separate branch.

Several other martial arts, such as Savate, Krav Maga, Shootfighting, Thaiboxing, also had applied, but FMA was the only new martial art that was accepted this year.

Michael was asked to present FMA in Sweden with a speech and practical demonstration. Although the invitation to participate in the meeting and to represent FMA was on short notice – there was less then a day for preparation – that didn't mean a problem for Michael and his people, since anytime they can rely on the Kali principle of the flow. Michael accepted the invitation. Together with Pekiti-Tirsia instructor Johan Pettersson he made a demo showing the versatility of the FMA. They presented a five minutes, non-stop flow of technical exchange, starting with double sticks and ending with Pangamut/Dumog.


Invited by Philippine Embassy

CorneringTwo days after the demo at the Swedish Budo Association Michael Marlow was invited by Consul Jocelyn Tirol to present Pekiti-Tirsia in the Philippine Embassy in Stockholm.

He was approached by the Consul several weeks ago, but since the ambassador of the Republic of the Philippines in Sweden was personally interested in knowing more about Pekiti-Tirsia, the meeting was postponed until the ambassador's returned from the Philippines.

Michael met the Ambassador, Victoria Bataclan, as well as several Consuls at the Embassy. This was the first time Filipino Martial Art Kali was presented at the Embassy. They got their interest because of the Pekiti-Tirsia activities in Sweden and what they have heard from the Philippines about Grandtuhon and Pekiti-Tirsia.

When Michael Marlow and Johan Pettersson arrived the Ambassador's room was crowded with curious spectators from the embassy. First they informed the Embassy about the history and development of FMA in Europe and in the Scandinavian countries as well as its position compared to other martial arts. After the presentation Michael and Johan gave practical examples of how to use the principles of Kali to counter several threats and attacks in self defence scenarios.

The people from the embassy liked what they saw and they commented it to be very much Filipino. The meeting resulted in an agreement to cooperate and it was proposed to include Pekiti-Tirsia as one of the indigenous cultural treasures of the Philippines that the Embassy will promote. GT Gaje will be welcome on his next visit to Sweden.

For Michael visiting the Embassy was almost like being back in the Philippines. He and Pekiti-Tirsia Scandinavia look forward to coming events. Special thanks to Ambassador Victoria Bataclan and to Consul Marian Jocelyn R. Tirol for arranging the meeting.


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Video Video Pekiti-Tirsia Presentation (5,9 MB)
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