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First European Pekiti–Tirsia Training Camp in Ibiza with Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje


Preliminary short report...

May and June had two outstanding events for the Pekiti–Tirsia world: In the middle of May was this years Grandtuhon Weekend in the European Pekiti-Tirsia Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. 36 interested Kali–Fighters came from Germany and neighbouring countries to Reutlingen for Pekiti–Tirsia training with Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje. As experienced in the years before the demand in the workshop was very high and many more wanted to participate, but since the workshops with Grandtuhon should be a personal experience and not turn into a nonpersonal mass activity, those who came late with their registrations had to be asked to attend next time.

Next Event with Grandtuhon was the First European Pekiti–Tirsia Training Camp in Ibiza! A full length report with pictures will soon be published here. However the conclusion may be given in advance: It was awesome and without any doubt: We'll do it again!

Until the full length report will be published, all camp participants can share their impressions using the Pekiti–Tirsia Forum. Of course you can also write email or send us your pictures that can be published in Internet.

We also want to express our thanks to all participants, who contributed to the great success of the camp with their good spirits and great training attitude. And a special thanks to Ulf and everybody, who helped in arranging this great camp.

First impressions...

Training at the beach, before sunrise: Früher Morgen Strand Workout

Grandtuhon shows finer points of a sibat dumog–entry with Nicole (Manunudlo 1. Hagdan, Germany) as partner: Grandtuhon shows Sibat Dumog with Nicole as partner

Martin (Manunudlo 1. Hagdan, Germany) and Jarkko (Finnland) training double stick–Puntada–thrust applications: training double stick-Puntada-thrustapplications

Training in the sea: Training in the sea

Assembly of Titans: Assembly of Titans


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