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Pekiti-Tirsia Knife Camp 2004

Three Days – Pure Knife Training!

Reutlingen, 1. November: At the Halloween weekend October, 30th to November, 1st the Pekiti-Tirsia Pure Knife Camp 2004 was conducted in the European Pekiti-Tirsia Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany.

This Three Days Knife Camp was like last years camps once again fully booked to the last place. About 40 participants from 10 countries travelled to southern Germany and the waiting queue of those hoping for somebody pre-registered would step back and thus free a participation slot in last minute was with 70 persons about twice as much as the planned number of attendees.

Participants travelling from England, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and Bulgaria made the event an international happening. Among the regular knife camp attendees were once again trainers for police tactics and close quarter combat from german, italian and austrian special police forces.

Focus of this years knife camp was the training of street-smart tactics and methods that help to successfully survive when facing real life situations that include knife threats. The training specifically was about Evasion & Escape, Weapon Access Methods (this years choice was the silent-draw / Wyatt Earp principle), as well as Parry & GUN and the fundamentals of Knife-Dumog.

Of course this Pekiti-Tirsia camp had once again an intensive Knife Workout, which elevated the three days camp to a short Pekiti-Tirsia Warrior Camp. Fighting through the Pekiti-Tirsia Knife-Workout did more then just training the physical requirements for a successful self-defence – it also developed the "Survivor-Attitude" of the camp members; an expression of the Pekiti-Tirsia philosophy and together with strategical-tactical action the maybe most important factor for surviving knife attacks.

From beginning to end, the spirit in the whole camp was phenomenal: All camp members supported each other and prodded each other to better performance. On the third day everybody showed, that they have been gripped by the warrior spirit: everybody trained on their own motivation with a dedication and consequence that is rarely matched. The trainer Uli Weidle was proud and touched to see this dedication and achievements of the camp members. Motivated by this the Maginoo Mandala of the Pekiti-Tirsia reached deep in his bag of tricks and explained details of Pekiti-Tirsia principles and methods, that until now has been reserved for the inner circle.

During the camp everybody got close to each individuals physical and mental limitations. The experienced friendship and comradeship, as well as the well balanced mix between physical workout, technical training and short Question and Answer sessions, made the camp for everybody to a truly positive experience searching for it's equal. Everybody left the camp stronger and with new insights. The unanimous feedback of the camp participants: Next year once again!

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