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Grand Tuhons Blackboard May 2006:


For the past 49 years of teaching records in the US and other parts of the world I have learned so much observations and hands on instructions to many students who came from different discipline. For instance in New York City in the early 70's, there was no Pilipino martial arts known to be recognized in the community of martial arts not until I started to teach a handful of students that later increased to greater number. In those early years I had students that came from different discipline particularly Karate from Japanese, Okinawan, Korean and Chinese Kungfu. All of these students were driven by the understanding that the empty hands was the only way to be called martial artist and weaponry is a matter of choice. But they involved with me in terms of training and cultural understanding what is a Pilipino system as a fighting art, then the reality to change was decided to concentrate and be able to appreciate the real true fighting art.

The discipline that was expected to be the fundamental doctrine of martial arts has been altered by the time that Bruce Lee's style of no style came into the movie screen that made the karate mode change to free thinkers martial artist. Meaning that an ambitious martial artist buys books and videos and attended seminars and summer camps pirated techniques and made themselves like Bruce Lee and some made their own style and tell people that advertise that he has 2 dozens of certificates and he can do what Bruce Lee can do or claim he is an authority.

This is true in Pilipino martial Arts. The combinations, modern to modified, mixed to form style, a combination of names, creation of names as a style claiming a family system, quoting some old folks as their teachers when in fact, they had not even heard how their father teaches and how they can remember the faces of their teachers. This is the product of materialistic thinking a creation of something to make money making people believe that he is for real. This is how the word Arnis and Escrima came about. After 330 years of Spanish Dominations the generations of Filipinos who often heard the word Arnis and Escrima and had seen someone holding stick and starts to swing the sticks calling the sytle in some names like Estocada, Largo mano, the Aldabon, Macabebe and other names. Since the spanish names were often heard then everybody do the same calling with anyone who practices the sticks they called it Arnis or Excrima. The word kali was uncommon because it had an influence of Hinduism and as a christianize Philippines by the Catholics, words like Kali was a taboo because it was unchristian word. Kali is a hindu word as Guru which is still use to describe a teacher. And the Pilipino art of writing is Sanskrit which is hindu forms of character now it is called the Babayin in the Philippines.

The method of teaching martial arts today is starting to change from the rigidity to fluidity, from mechanical to articulative methods, telegraph to non telegraph, from conventional to non-conventional, from orthodox to unorthodox. This change is being influence with greater percentage by Pekiti-Tirsia system for the past 49 years. Thousands had passed into the training of Pekiti-Tirsia and with their own personal experience they can tell the big issue of what is the art that can fit to their personal understanding.

Teaching Pekiti-Tirsia gives you the Power of Authority under the following categories:

A. Pekiti-Tirsia is the only true indigenous Pilipino Fighting System that managed to continue the legacy of the Doctrine of Discipline, history and culture, logic and reasoning and most of all the Doctrine of Ideology.

B. Pekiti-Tirsia is the only system that advocates a continuing Education on Higher Studies by upgrading the teaching methodology to the highest degree of knowledge, the art of exact science.

C. The system upgraded to the schools of Geometrics that put emphasis on Geometrical Equations finding solutions to every problems of combat with less time factor.

D. Pekiti-Tirsia produces tempered graduates with tempered courage and bravery, tempered mentality, tempered blades and tempered knives but most of all they are tempered COMBAT ENGINEERS with POWER OF AUTHORITY

Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje
May 30th 2006

Grand Tuhon's Blackboard
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