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Grand Tuhons Blackboard May 2006:

Behind the great Leader is a great brother

It was in the beginning of 1996 that history of significant magnitudes had series of event that contributed to the success of what is the Pekiti-Tirsia Europe Organization. From the humble beginning the two brothers Uli and Achim had crossed the continent to be in Asia to seek the treasure of his forefathers counterparts, the part that had not parted since then. For one to explain the length of historical pathways seemed impossible to understand but for Uli and Achim, it was destiny. Their first visit to the Island of sugar and honey where the most of the white sugar tasted by most coffee drinkers all over the world came from this small island filled with sugar plantations from the North to the South. The visible sites of Sugar Mills distributed in many towns of Negros were more a surprise to the new comer but the reality of things seen became a part of comfort that this Island is not the land of savages as what was described in newspapers and news all over the world. Killing was a life style as it was told about the history of the Philippines. From the date 1521 when the first kill in the Island of Mactan made the first authentic record about the Philippines since the history was real and very convincing the fact that the fighting arts of the Filipinos known only to the few but practiced in secret made the two brothers excited to see and experience how it feels to hold the real blade as significant as the history of the Philippines. Looking into the map of the Philippines as Germans whose vision is to see the world in their own hands, stepping into the land of Negros was more than history can described. Meeting the real figure of the ancient ancestral art of Negros, the introduction was more of personal touch rather just a friendly persuasion. It started like a mighty glow that binds the feelings of comfort that the two brothers had the culture parallel to the filipino old practices, the finest culture of respect and dignity. The two brothers among the many who came where the only selected few that were chosen because every steps they make and every move of their hands signified the true essence of the true Pilipino culture. A culture undefined but seen in their behavior and distinct character. Since then the mission was performed in a very mild approach granting the opportunity of Pekiti-Tirsia to grow in Europe. Asked by the spirit of our grandfathers for the the two brothers to take the responsibilities without hesitation and second thought, they both wave the flags of valor and onward where the task will be. The course of destiny speaks in many languages but for the two brothers it was a language of courage and bravery. Leaders are not made they are born. Born with identity to crash every obstacle that may block the way, born to lead where others to follow. The task with great responsibility was not a game of chance, it was a responsibility that only a chosen true leader can do the possible and nothing impossible. It was not until the late of the 2000 that there was a breath of relief when Europe responded to the ultimate call of leadership, several areas of Germany responded to an instructional expansion in learning the rudiments of the indigenous art. The response was not because of its popularity like it was found in most martial arts magazine but found in the heart of the leader that all instructional session, the light of truth can be seen in the eyes of Mandala Uli Weidle, how he described the beauty and splendor of what he found and how he glitters his eyes as the response were positive and that inspired him to continue in inspiring each one the reality of truth.

As the time demands his presence in many places and even in his home town, he lost his love in other places but found his love in the Philippines. The love that was so satisfying that only the truth can tell where his heart belongs. Both love for the art and love for passion are two inseparable quality of Mandala Uli Weidle and as a warrior this quality is present where ever he goes. His frequent acceleration in learning more what was missing in the technology of Pekiti-Tirsia gives him more inspiration and that inspiration is burning at all times.

All that has been done is a dual effort of the two inseparable brothers. Achim his only brother is a renown martial artist whose heart is undivided in learning what is needed to make him a man of gallantry. The support of Achim for Uli to be a Leader is beyond question. The blood brothers whose vigilant spirit is to reach beyond the horizon of reality made the history of Pilipino Martial Arts immortal in Europe from now and till the end of time. The Pilipino art means a true indigenous cultural discipline that can dominate but respect, can control but humane, can save but can destroy. All these distinct qualities can only be found in the great leader with the great brother.

Mandala Uli Weidle and Achim Weidle are the true examples of brotherhood where culture is found in their very own lives, the love and respect, harmony and peaceful co-existence, the love for the parents and complete understanding among themselves made life comfortable and thrilled with passion to succeed. never and seldom in the history of brothers that can be more meaningful than what the brothers did for each other. Behind the great leader is the great brother. It is great for Mandala Uli Weidle because his deliverance in portraying the real image of true culture is being practice by the members of the organization, its their daily bread, it is their hope for another inspiration that when Uli call for arms to be sounded, there is a loudest whisper of yes and we will go. A leader of significant value and if this leadership was in the year of the 103 years war in Europe, there you can find Uli with hundred of thousands standing on his side ready to crash the enemies leaving no survivor but lead his men to victory.

Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje
May 31th 2006

Grand Tuhon's Blackboard
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