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Grand Tuhons Blackboard June 2006:

Common With Uncommon Excellence

After so many years of thorough dedication in the practice of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali system how will one be able to determine his or her stature compared to others and what are the changes that can be detected after so many years of hard labor. How can a person determined his development as each new year comes and time comes that he is in the 10th year. How would one compares himself. How the progress can be determined. How can he distinguished himself in a very humble way.

It is with great pleasure that sharing these thoughts to so many who undergone the training with Pekiti-Tirsia and is still with Pekiti-Tirsia had done so much and so great yet unknown to themselves that such a stature of being humble and just a common man had reach to ten years to celebrate a decade of blood and tears, pain and agony, unforgiven time by wives or girl friends for leaving them in such an hour he is needed most, saving the vacation in preparation to join the great opportunity visiting the Philippines or attending summer camp in Spain or even in the homeland of Pekiti-Tirsia / Reutlingen-Germany.

Those years were precious years that even money cannot buy, to the one whose ultimate desire finding his magnificent obsession enhanced by the genetical discipline that is still present, is one of the best things in ones life. I saw the faces of those who had an opportunity in participating the seminars, camp training, clinics and workshops that I conducted, the glowing inspiration of happiness, the sweetness of emotions, the feelings of oneness, a union of friendship that binds with the longing of when can we meet again.

The virtue of inner discipline inculcated within those many years of dedication had deeply rooted into the inner fiber of one's physical and mental faculties that in the final thoughts the reality of distinctive virtue had enriched the persons dream that ten years made him a common man/woman with uncommon excellence.

The changes in persons perspectives made to develop a goal, a target, a direction that regardless of the consequences that direction must go on and must be fulfilled till the reality is reached. Pekiti-Tirsia continuing education is the special quality of instruction that even for the Course in the Knife Technology, the Dagaso Tirsia and the Qol Demama Dagga, it will take five to six years to complete only on the unsharpened knife not to include the live sharp knife draw and draw, toe to toe pre-duel system. And more on the opening pages of Pekiti-Tirsia's book of Knowledge that contains the Secret of Pekiti-Tirsia and at the end of the book-the inscriptions reads- A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE BUT SAVE BY THE HAND THAT CRADDLE TO THE GRAVE.

The common man with uncommon excellence is a life long sacrifice, this is the only education that diploma is found in the fiber of each vein with the blood flowing to complete the total chemistry of real true warrior. It is not the number of years but what is at end of each year and what were the hours spent total of each year to be a common man with uncommon excellence. It is not the certificates or diploma that hangs on the wall that made a man or woman or determines the quality of excellence, it is how excellence is achieve as seen in the performance how devastating, how the power emanates from within, how the glittering blades passes the lights to make a shadow of blackness received by one whose knowledge is limited to the hands that can be hanged on the wall as diploma- a very memorable diploma. Excellence is the language of Pekiti-Tirsia discipline reaching the highest level of education to Pekadum Trigo is for one to work on for more lovely coming years, a journey to uncommon excellence.

The highest goal of Pekiti-Tirsia is to develop the Power of Excellence to all whose heart, mind and soul is pledged to reach the highest pedestal of excellence. Our system of education is an EXACT SCIENCE that deals in the Geometrics not to construct the bridges or buildings but to use Geometrics as Combat Engineers for the protection of life and Assets needed to live as a common man with uncommon excellence. We utilize the Combat Engineering expertise to the best of skill bringing the wisdom of the past to the present generation that only in Exact science can make one the true master of the blade- THE BLADEMASTER.

Pekiti-Tirsia is an institution without walls. The School of Wilderness and the Ocean of the Great Divide. He who comes shall never go and he who goes shall never receive the Diploma of A COMMON MAN WITH UNCOMMON EXCELLENCE.

Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje
June 5th 2006

Grand Tuhon's Blackboard
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