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Grand Tuhons Blackboard June 2006: Grand Tuhon applies hilot to open head wound of SAF police officer (Jan 2004)

Healing Hilot – The Primer Of Life

Amazing it seems but the reality of being healed by a competent filipino healer is one of the wonders of medicine. Filipino Hilot is not a mystery, it is not fantasy, it is a reality that comes out from the real experience that most people only believe if they can feel it and knowing that the feelings are back to normal. As a Kali man and a man of warrior, a filipino warriors of the past believes in the the field of energy and in the field of unseen elementals. Their courage and bravery were re-enforced by the forces added to their technology and one of them is the power of traditional medicine. Hilot as it is popularly known.

Only a portion of Hilot works on wonders

Only a portion of Hilot works on wonders. There are more deeper medicinal secrets that are known to ordinary person. Filipino medicinal practices is as old as the country itself. The Philosophy to believe in life and not death is supported by the life support system known as Hilot or the art of energy cleansing and transfer of clean energy. This is a practice that associates to the technique of breathing and the power of the energy that is delivered in every breath and a volume of oxygen brought during inhalation turning the oxygen to Atoms and Molecules sufficient to convert the Atoms and Molecules into a strong energy enough to neutralize the bad energy inside the human body extracting that energy and replaced by new energy coming from the Hilot medicine man. It may sound simple but it requires a lot of energy and effort to be effective as a Hilot man. The art of transferring and absorbing the energy is not enough. There must be a supporting power that goes within the process and that support system is the POWER OF METAPHYSICS. Oraciones designed for healing is separate from other categories of Oracions. Effectively worked on people who believe that Hilot can be a healing system. Energy is a separate word to understand, it can be noted in the body vibrations, it can be detected in the aura and the surrounding flow of air around the persons body. Most healer will always start to tell the patient: you must believe that you can be healed or else you will not be healed. Your belief contributes to what the healers will do and can do. The secret of filipino healing remains unknown but it can be attained through continuous study and deep dedications.

Rules to be followed

To practice the art of healing in a filipino way requires certain rules to be absolutely followed. Healers can accept donations in terms of money or goods or foods but cannot demand a specific amount to charge the patient. Once the healer violates this code, he loses the power. As what happened to the famous filipino healer named Agpawa. He became so popularly known and famous that even the richest family in England had visited him in the Philippines for healing purposes. Greed for money destroyed his power.

Wisdom of healing

Pekiti-Tirsia slowly moves into this field to share the wisdom of healing as a major study for the dedicated individuals and who wants to grew in the field of healing. By the year 2007 on the 109th celebration of Pekiti-Tirsia Kali in Negros. majority of the activities will be dedicated to healing techniques with the personal presence of unsung healers in NEGROS AND PANAY ISLAND.

To save life

To save life and prolong this life is the Theme of the 2007–109th Pekiti-Tirsia Kali convention in Negros (Bacolod City).

Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje
June 8th 2006

Grand Tuhon's Blackboard
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