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Nine Days Pekiti-Tirsia Summer Camp In Bulgaria

This years Pekiti-Tirsia summer camp was held at the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Wonderful white beach and the Black Sea sometimes calm and on other days with huge waves offered an ideal training environment for Kali enthusiasts who assembled for this 9 days camp from all over Europe and even directly from the USA. The beach is an insiders tip for Bulgarian people and Bulgarian sports teams use that place as their preferred summer training environment. With the great natural resources and backed up by the kind hospitality of the Bulgaria Pekiti-Tirsia group, Mandala Uli Weidle made a training camp that offered a one of a kind experience to everybody who attended.

Themed: ”the Purity in the system is the purity within ourselves”

The training camp was themed ”the Purity in the system is the purity within ourselves”. In the opening of the camp Mandala Uli provided a short orientation briefing, in which he inspired the camp attendants by telling about his first training camp experience in the Philippines, when there was intense training and strict rules: no alcohol, no smoke, no coffee, no soft drinks, no distractions from media or party, only pure concentration on martial art and Pekiti-Tirsia was a life style. This training camp in Bulgaria was held in the same spirit as the old training camps in the Philippines. Healthy living and committed training. Making the best of time was the tenor of this camp.

Training schedule

Every morning before sunrise the Pekiti-Tirsia practitioners assembled at the beach and started the day with Pekiti-Tirsia breathing, moving meditation and body conditioning exercises including squaring footworks, hacks and slaps. This training sessions started 5:30 in the morning and continued until 8 AM. After a short break for breakfast, the training was continued with up to 2.5 hours of intense attack and counter-attack exercises. During the peak midday heat, the fighters were given relaxation time that was usually spent dining in some of the local restaurants and resting. In the afternoon the training was continued with a long session focusing on Pekiti-Tirsia stick and empty hands methods until after sunset. Every day had 8 hours of intense training and Mandala Uli offered plenty of extra time to answer questions and gave personal training and advice to every camp member who approached him with questions.

Footwork, endurance, spirit and checkout

The black sea together with the perfectly maintained white sand beach (no rocks or other sharp objects except knives) provided an ideal training environment for Kali enthusiasts. With excellent timing during the camp, the sea water was mostly calm and rough in some days. Especially fighting the powerful crushing waves was a truly essential experience for everybody. It was a challenging training environment for the true fighters to reach deep and unveil their best of fighting energy.

The continual training in the sea and on the beach improved leg strength, balance, foot placement and agility so drastically that a quality in footwork was established that otherwise is hardly to be experienced. One of the participants commented during the camp: ”last night in the hotel room i was recapitulating some of the days techniques and my feet were moving so swift with an amazing easiness, as if my feet were floating above the ground.”

During the training camp Mandala Uli made use of the checkout procedure and the buddy system as he experienced it in the Pekiti-Tirsia training for the Filipino Force Recon marines. The checkout procedure at the end of every day in combination with the buddy system was a major incentive for the seminar members to push themselves to even more training dedication and for better performance in executing and retaining the trained methods. Some were even using the training breaks to polish their techniques to a level that they would reach the quality needed for checkout.


The camps technical training focused on Pekiti-Tirsia empty hands methods and on single stick. In the single-stick training Mandala Uli gave insights of his personal fighting method that is based in his many years personal training with Grand Tuhon and in the Tri-V and Capsula Methodica formulation of the Pekiti-Tirsia. With this method only a few strikes are needed to actively dominate and control a fight safely answering any incoming attack: ”For a well trained fighter the stick becomes his head gear.” While empty hands training the focus was on Pekiti-Tirsia fighting methods in middle and close range, that includes the triangle, squaring and circular footwork, accelerated utilization of elbows, flash-entries and dynamic fingering-methods for dumog and pangamot.

Further topics of the camp's training sessions were the use of hand cuffs, flexible weapons and the Tabak Toyok (filipino version of the nunchaku).

In Mandala Uli's lectures he answered candidly every question and on request he lectured in detail about the topics ”Meditation in Pekiti-Tirsia” and ”Relation between inner security and outer safety”

Award for Thomas Müller

During the Bulgaria Camp long time Pekiti-Tirsia practitioner Thomas Müller received a promotion plaque giving him rank as Mandatus 4th Hagdan acknowledging his more than ten years of dedicated training and his exemplary behaviour. The plaque was signed by Pekiti-Tirsia supreme grand master Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje and by Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle, managing director for Pekiti-Tirsia in Europe. The promotion has already been publicly announced by Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje during the black forest 10 years Pekiti-Tirsia Europe celebration. Mandala Uli brought the plaque from his last stay in the Philippines and it was now formally given to new Mandatus Thomas Müller.


With the hospitality and friendship of our Bulgarian Pekiti-Tirsia brothers we managed to bring the Philippines a little closer to Europe. Old friendships were strengthened and new friendships were forged. This summer camp was outstanding and without question the next year will see a Pekiti-Tirsia summer camp again and it won't be long that there will be new Pekiti-Tirsia events in Bulgaria.




Galin Panchev
BG Pitbulls

To me the camp was a unique experience. Not only for having the opportunity to train 9 days with Mandala Weidle and our friends from PTK Europe, but mainly because i could touch the PTK spirit. I enjoyed the good company while training and had the opportunity to see PTK not only as a fighting system, but also as a lifestyle. Now i have better understanding for Kali and the philosophy of healthy and succesful living.

Therefore i would like to thank Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle for coming to Bulgaria and sharing his experience and Daniel Tanev for inviting me to the camp.

Sylvia Vassileva

I never expected that training on the beach and in the sea could be so exhausting and at the same time so much fun. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to participate in this camp. It gave me a lot of food for training and thought and inspired me to train harder.

The atmosphere on the camp was friendly and I felt that a bond was created between the participants. We all shared the motivation to train and desire to improve our skills. Everyone helped their partner and pushed him / her to give their best in training. Each morning we watched the sunrise together while digging holes in the sand and hacking the air in all directions. We shared the hard moments of getting up early and the happy moments of hugging the sea and crushing apples with elbows and feeding them to the dolphins.

The training on this camp helped me enhance my understanding of the basic elements that combine to form different drills and improved my body mechanics (I had aches in muscles I didn't even know existed  ). I want to thank everybody who made this event happen!

Daniel Tanev
BG Pitbulls

It was a phenomenal 9 days camp which I'll remember forever!

In the atmosphere of comrade-ship and in the PTK spirit I trained together with my friends and gave the maximum from myself. When it was really hard, they lead me and there wasn't any doubt in the conducting voice of Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle – give for a 100%.

Every morning at 5.30 a.m. I went to the beach fully motivated and prepared because I knew my comrades were there! I gained more knowledge and better understanding. I got a lot of new ideas for my training activities! Thanks Uli Weidle for these incredible days!

Metodiy Rozhdestvenskiy
Sofia, Bulgaria

I enjoyed this camp so much. The training in the sand and in the water dramatically changed my footwork, balance and stability. When I came home I was almost flying! Fighting the waves (with and without a stick) was also a unique opportunity to discover a new type of conditioninig the body. It improved all my striking patterns in a way no weight training can possibly get close to.

However, it is not the techniques but the human contact that I've always valued most in my Martial arts training. As far as this matter is concerned, I am even happier and more grateful for meeting Mr. Uli Weidle. He is a great instructor, very supportive and willing to give. He answered in detail all of my questions (and you know what? I asked a lot!) and revealed so much meaning behind those seemingly simple basic movements of Pekiti-Tirsia.

In conclusion I want to thank Uli and his students as well as my good friends from Bulgaria Daniel and Galin, who accepted me as a brother, supported me and gave me the opportunity to attend this great camp.

With my Warmest Regards,
Metodiy Rozhdestvenskiy
Sofia, Bulgaria

Christian König

Summer, Sunshine, Beach and a whole lot of training...
In short: When are we going there again?

Carlo Schlüter

Pekiti Ahoy!

Since I had to tour in the federal state Hessen on a "shake hands" mission, it took me some time to send my comments.

I returned to germany safely and was greeted with pouring rain. The North Sea coast is definitely different from the Black Sea beach.

Regarding the camp: It was my first camp and I had a lot of fun. Kind people, great atmosphere, good weather and lots of Pekiti-Tirsia training experience. A perfect summer vacation.

Once again a heartily thank-you for the training. Count me in next time (if I am not marauding the sea )



Kaloyan Marinov
BG Pitbulls

The Pekiti-Tirsia Summer Camp 2007 is definitely an event I will remember. The training schedule was tough and exhausting and in the same time so much information was introduced to us. It was absolutely one of those eye-openers for me and gave me a lot of ”fuel“ for training and material to practice.

Training started each day 5.30 in the morning and lasted at least until 8.00 am. This session included warming up and introduced to us some methods to develop our body mechanics and gave us breathing techniques. Whenever possible this was performed in-water as well which was a great fun. I personally liked this the most (or during the camp better say ”hated the most“ ). It was a test of everyone's will for good health and success. And each morning I got up at 5 am I knew that I will meet everyone at the beach – 5.30!

After a short breakfast the training sessions continued from 9.30 to 11.30 and in the afternoon from 3.30 to approx. 6.30. During this time we were concentrated on the practical applications of different material taught by Mandala Uli.

The strict quality control applied by the ”check-out“ procedure amazed me with its results. At the end of each training day we had to perform all material given throughout the day (each time with a different partner) and until Uli was not satisfied it was perfected we couldn't end the training. We even used our lunch brake for practice to reach to the required level.

The training atmosphere was a great mixture of true friendship, strong desire to learn and iron motivation to perform – a fuel that helps you excel in PTK. For me it was a real-life application of the Pekitia-Tirisa philosophy – we believe in life, good health and success!

I see this Camp as a real success. I'd like to use these last few lines to say a big thank-you to Uli and all other friends who came. They traveled thousands of kilometers (some even from the USA) with a desire for learning while offering their friendship and trust.

I hope to see you all guys really soon.

Until then – train hard!

Sixt Wetzler

Standing there on the Bulgarian beach before dawn, doing our morning exercises, breathing with the wind and the waves, a sentence came to my mind I once had heard: "The martial arts are like the ocean, and we are but children, playing on the shore." What a promise! A whole lifetime left for us to explore, to learn and to share our hours with the family of the Pekiti Tirsia Kali – thanks to all who were there, and who will be there in the years to come.

Elena Hristova

I am glad that I have the opportunity to share my comments on the training camp.

First I want to say, that I have spent a wonderful time and the atmosphere was very friendly. Regarding the practice sessions – personally for me, I found them especially beneficial, because as they were focused on the body weapons, I learned things about the body movements and mechanics, which had escaped my attention before. The only thing, that I experienced some inconvenience with at the beginning, was the getting up early and the breathing and cardio exercises at the morning. But after the first few days my organism adjusted, and I felt more energetic. Maybe the most important point is that we had the opportunity to practice at the open, on the sand and in the sea, and I think that at the end these nine days are equal to weeks of regular training.

Send my best regards and I hope we will see you soon again in Bulgaria.

Roland Roppelt

It took me some time before I decided to write my comment about the camp because the experience that I had is still working in me.

I am currently still in the process of integrating what i have learned in the camp into my daily activities and since this is not finished yet, I don't want to give a final comment yet – but then, that may serve as a comment already.

In any way the camp definitely had impact on my life!

Thomas Müller

The seminar was very good organized. After we arrived at Lozenetz everything was prepared, so we could fully concentrate on our training. Kaloyan and the other Bulgarian hosts seemed to be able to read our minds as they arranged everything for us that we needed. I liked that place where we have been, because it was a village were mostly Bulgarians spend their holidays so I could experience some of their culture.

The training conducted by Uli was very good, the intensity increased day per day and culminated in the check-out procedure in the last days. Because of the slowly increased intensity I was able to improve my strength. The check-out procedure in the last days pushed everybody to give all the power to the training.

Our hotel was also very good. Not far from the beach, the beds were good and I was sleeping well, which is very important in such a camp. For next time I will arrange for some time after the seminar to travel around. Unfortunately, this time I wasn't able to see some of the country side because I arrived and left the seminar quite close to the schedule.


To all participants of PTK Summer Camp 07 in Bulgaria:

Thank you for helping us for making this important annual event possible. Using the fine sands of the Bulgarian beach and his strong leadership Maginoo-Mandala Uli Weidle gave us solid grounds for better understanding the ancient yet so modern art of PTK. Thank you and your wonderful family.

During these 10 days I saw new friendships were born and old ones grew even stronger. More power to the German crew and everyone who strives for higher spirit. Last but not the least I'd like to thank Daniel for guiding BG Pitbulls through personal example of the Filipino Kali. I wish him and his family all the best.


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