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Pekiti-Tirsia thrills North Rhine-Westphalia

Pekiti-Tirsia target training

„Phenomenal show! You guys made it there! – Very impressive! – Do you offer try-out classes?” That were the common responses of the Sportland-visitors at Pekiti-Tirsia Europes exhibition booth on the big NRW–day in the city of Paderborn. More then half a million people have been counted at the german federal states North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) festival on weekend august 25/26 – accordingly many people visited the Pekiti-Tirsia exhibition booth.

Themed „Alive Filipino Martial Art – participate instead watch” the trainers from Munich, Reutlingen, Würzburg, Osnabrück, Tübingen and of course Paderborn demonstrated their skills and offered insights in the martial art. Major attraction was the demonstration of weapon techniques with long pole, sticks, knifes, whips and razor-sharp swords. Also the empty hands fights made big impression on the audience.

Since only a few days before the event a life threatening attack on a young female jogger was all over in Paderborn newspaper the media in Paderborn, naturally there was a frequent question how a man or woman can protect oneself in such situation. Frequent question was regarding self defence for women or self assertion courses for children. The interested people were easily convinced by the logic and efficiency of the Pekiti-Tirsia system. Among them many, who already had tested a variety of different martial arts methods.

At Saturdays Sportland stage show the Pekiti-Tirsia Kali presented an outstanding performance. people from the audience were equipped with sticks and encouraged to participate, following the trainers on the stage thus getting a first hand experience in the Filipino Martial and Movement Arts. Apparently most of them enjoyed it – and the PTK group had considerably more spectators than other martial arts groups performing before and after the Pekiti-Tirsia group. After the participation action in which the guests had learned some of the basic moves, the experienced fighters showed in the stage how useful the movements can be to fend off variety of armed and unarmed attacks.

On Sunday the Managing Director of the Pekiti-Tirsia Europe Organisation Mandala Uli Weidle together with the Paderborn based trainer Ulf Homann demonstrated and explained some of the basic ideas and special features of the Filipino Martial Arts on stage. There was a presentation of use of whips, double sticks, target training and a Kali stick fight following the Total Submission Codex of the Pekiti-Tirsia Europe Fighters League between fighters Roland Roppelt from Munich and Sixt Wetzler (Reutlingen). Here too the attendance and the audience response was awesome.

But not only in the stage presentations was full of action. At the Pekiti-Tirsia Europes presentation booth was program all day. Dynamic exhibitions and try out classes followed each other strike after strike. Interested laymen and sportsmen from other martial arts made active use of that offers. On Sunday Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle conducted an ad hoc mini workshop with the topic “takedowns and counter-offence against takedowns”

For the Pekiti-Tirsia Organisation the NRW-day was a very successful weekend. Still the martial arts of Pekiti-Tirsia is not so widely known in northern Germany. The weekend in NRW for sure did its share to change that and make the Pekiti-Tirsia system more known in the most populated state in Germany. At least at the newly established Paderborn Pekiti-Tirsia group ( the phone calls keep coming all day. There is an overwhelming number of inquiries for tryout classes and the city of Driburg already asked whether the Pekiti-Tirsia group could perform at an event beginning of October. For the year 2008 a weekend workshop with Mandala Uli Weidle is already scheduled.

The presentation of Pekiti-Tirsia in North Rhine-Westphalia without doubt can be considered as a big success for Pekiti-Tirsia. A success that is the result of a friendly and constructive co-operation of many Pekiti-Tirsia trainer and training groups. A special thank you to all, who were supporting the event.


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