Grand Tuhons Blackboard October 2008: A message from Grand Tuhon Leo T. Gaje Jr

All The Days Of Our Lives Are Ours

Hello Conqueror,

The days are ours, days to come are ours all the days of our lives are ours.

We bring the world to realize that we have technology of the ancient past for the modern times is the living past. The best result of our effort is we conquered the Philippines having the Armed Forces as part of our family and Europe the Pekiti-Tirsia Europe the balance of this family in one accord.

We still do the TRI-V Formula. Unknowingly GT Gaje, Mandala Rommel and Mandala Uli in three parts of the world are in our doorstep. As I called you Conqueror is not a hit and missed, it is the right name at the right destiny. Rommel is for Asia, I did for North and South America and You are for Europe. What a great combination! 2008 is a year of many memories but these memories will not end, it will still linger in every heart and minds of everyone. Your mission to conquer a heart and won another heart and that heart is a loving heart and a heart full of happiness is in your arms. This is Philosophy of great value. Your mission is a mission that won Europe and the entire warfare of human struggle. We did it our way and those things are by our destiny we do accomplish. Our forefathers spirit is always with us. They are there to help us. We did for the Philippines. The Armed Forces of the Philippines is in our family. The next is the entire world.

By the movement of universal energy, our motivational power to move people to the realities of life is noted with great respect because we are in the cultural revival by bringing the people to understand that edged weaponry is an education of the past that will be used in the near future. We have great demand in our system but we are extra conscious that we don't overwork to meet the demand, let the demand takes its course and we will be there.

A family that fights together is the family that stays together and the family that believe in each other is the family that last forever.

Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje
October 12th 2008

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