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Pekiti Tirsia training camp in Ibiza, the Third!

Pekiti Tirsia family at the beach with sun & fun


Third time's a charm, also true for Pekiti Tirsia in Ibiza

In September 2008 Pekiti Tirsia energetically bounced back to the party capital of the world - Ibiza for the third time. This time the Managing Director of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe, Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle, announced for a family training camp. A camp that would allow the participants to bring along their living partners and children for a holiday in the breathtaking Balearic island while enjoying an intense Pekiti Tirsia training. And so from September 7th to 13th the Pekiti Tirsia families gathered at Club Cala Pada to share a worth reminiscing week „at the beach with sun and fun“.

A reunion of friends and family

Mandala Weidle called for an assembly of families and families came with a smile on their face. About fifty persons attended the training camp, many of them bringing their spouses and children. Among those who came were quite many from the founding years of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe. There were even some who has been away for a long time so tied up in business and family, that others considered them already lost; but they came and proved that not time nor space can severe the bonding of true friendship.

“No one is an island, they say. Men are not designed to live alone... What we want to protect, what we work for, what we fight for, whatever we desire – In the end, it's all about friends and family.” These were the enlightening words that Mandala Weidle offered in the opening briefing to explain the reasoning and the deeper meaning of the Pekiti Tirsia family camp. He continued: “It's all about family, that is why we are here. We train as friends, close like brothers and sisters, helping and supporting each other, so that we can excel to the best we can be. We are like family and we bring the family, so that all of us can experience and enjoy this extensive energy.”

Bringing together the Pekiti Tirsia families and let them enjoy together the Mediterranean summer while sharing the training experience with their friends and family, created a simply amazing atmosphere. While Pekiti Tirsian friends were indulging to the intense training, their spouses get to know each other and became friends too. Other family members used the opportunity and joined the training and children were playing together while their moms and dads were training Pekiti Tirsia.

The Cala Pada club with its variety of family and sports oriented services and the rich and delicious food buffet provided a perfect setting for a family type training experience. In the Pekiti Tirsian family camp, the bonding between Pekiti Tirsia warriors grew into a bonding of Pekiti Tirsia family of warriors.

The training schedule

Training was scheduled with 6 hours of intense Pekiti Tirsia training every day. Between training sessions was ample opportunity for everybody to spend quality time with family, relax at the beach, meet friends, use the many recreational activities in the club or intensify the training with small group or personal training with Mandala Weidle or one of the many instructors.

Pekiti Tirsia: superior effectiveness an expression of beauty

Every morning before sunrise the group gathered at the Cala Pada beach and started the day training Pekiti Tirsia exercises, which followed the Eee Training progression gearing to develop intuition as a higher level of spontaneity and awareness. This exercises are emphasizing refined foot and body positioning, 360 degree awareness of energy flow and special breathing.

Mandala Weidle explained the Eee progression in one of his lectures: “The main concern of any starter martial artist naturally is about being effective. His question is: Does it work? Once being effective is accomplished to a certain level, the interest shifts to being efficient. How can I make it work better? The martial artist who pursues this interest to the highest level will find the importance of elegance. How can I make it feel good? How does it become natural? This stages of development, “Eee” as in effective – efficient – elegance, are the keys to one of the less common understood mysteries of Martial Arts: Superior effectiveness is an expression of beauty. This may very well serve as a definition of Pekiti Tirsia in the highest level.”

When training in the morning sunrise, the sandy beach, clean air and the waves of the sea shore served as a powerful booster for this exercises. There was a very special vibe of energy we felt in the air. While doing exercises we were able to connect deep with our inner selves and we felt our surroundings on a level that can only be described as spiritual. For many of our group, that was something that we haven't experienced in Pekiti Tirsia until then. In the final testimonials a more than 8 years seasoned Pekiti Tirsia practitioner testified that he was able to bring his Pekiti Tirsia to a new level of quality. Definitely those sunrise sessions provided an insight into a rare and superb aspect of the Pekiti Tirsia system.

One for all, all for one

The afternoon training was very functional and practical, the way we all know and appreciate the training with Mandala Uli Weidle. But this time with an extra twist: From the third day forth we split according to skill level and personal interest into three distinct training groups. Each training group working on different topics. Utilization of sophisticated angulation, basic and advanced footwork, unusual body weapons, pre-fight situational control, tactics for empty hand versus knife, powerful blow by blow drills, infight and ranging strategies is only a few of the many topics that were covered. In the different groups those topics were trained from beginner to advanced level.

How Mandala Uli managed to satisfy the needs of the three groups simultaneously remains a mystery. Whenever we needed him he was there to explain techniques, correct mistakes, answer questions and deepen our knowledge on Kali-related subjects.

That way everyone was able to gain a deeper understanding and to improve his personal level of skill in the Pekiti Tirsia combat methods.

With a little help of my friends

With the last day of training the time of examination had come. In the morning we all met at the beach, where every participant showed what they had learned in the past few days. Without exaggeration it can be said that everyone did great. Many were nervous before this final test, but with so many members of the Pekiti Tirsia family around and the vigorous energy flowing between them, they were able to excel and showed really awesome performances.

I shall return

Those days in Ibiza will long be remembered and we are all looking forward to the most awaited training camp in Italy next year and many others to come.



Authors: Dominik Mayer, Thomas Müller
Photos: Alessandro Crizman, Bernd Altenhöfer

An honorary mention is given to Ulf Homan from Pekiti Tirsia Paderborn group for successfully arranging the logistics of the event.


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