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December 2010

To Teach & To Fight – Training for Pekiti Tirsia Instructors and Instructor Candidates

When Mandala Weidle raised the battle cry “Tirsians Assemble!”, even the sudden start of winter with snow and ice could not stop the European instructors to answer the call. More than 30 Pekiti Tirsia instructors and candidates from northern to southern countries of Europe came to attend the event. The seminars of the T3F series are free of charge as one of the benefits for being European Pekiti Tirsia instructors.

In 12 hours of training, knowledge was shared from instructor to instructor and then tested in full contact Kali bouts. Training modules were transition from Pangamut to Dumog, double stick entries, training experience in Philippines, Sagong labo with kicks, Pajong in single stick Tri-V. Training modules were taught by Helmut Bauer, Jarkko Lievonen, Roland Roppelt and Uli Weidle.

The Training atmosphere can only be described as friendly, concentrated, focused and productive. Uli Weidle commented: "This event is remarkable! Everybody here is training with full determination. It may have been the best training atmosphere I've ever experienced in a martial arts seminar."

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