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Grandtuhons Blackboard: All The Days Of Our Lives Are Ours

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Hello Conqueror,

The days are ours, days to come are ours all the days of our lives are ours.

We bring the world to realize that we have technology of the ancient past for the modern times is the living past. The best result of our effort is we conquered the Philippines having the Armed Forces as part of our family and Europe the Pekiti Tirsia Europe the balance of this family in one accord.

A family that fights together is the family that stays together and the family that believe in each other is the family that last forever.

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To Teach & To Fight – Training for Pekiti Tirsia Instructors and Instructor Candidates

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When Mandala Weidle raised the battle cry “Tirsians Assemble!”, even the sudden start of winter with snow and ice could not stop the European instructors to answer the call. More than 30 Pekiti Tirsia instructors and candidates from northern to southern countries of Europe came to attend the event. The seminars of the T3F series are free of charge as one of the benefits for being European Pekiti Tirsia instructor.…

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The FoM seminars: laying the foundations of movement

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The seminar series „Foundations of Movement“, which has been successfully launched in 2009, opened a new chapter in european Pekiti Tirsia. Read about how the trainer team from Würzburg, Bamberg, Reutlingen, Munic and Tübingen designed and structured this new seminar series…

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The advantage of the open hand

© Uli Weidle, 03/2003

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In the western world the common believe about empty hands fighting is that empty hands fighting means fist fighting. In contrast to that believe, there is no doubt among knowledgeable and experienced self-defence experts, that open hand strikes are truly effective and superior body weapons.

This article explains some of the reasons why the open hand methods and especially the open hand slap is a preferred body weapon for beginners in civilian self-defence and why it is also the body weapon of choice for professionals…

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Three day intensive «Dumpag – weapons of the body» Camp

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This years three days Dumpag training camp directed by Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle in the european Pekiti Tirsia Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany was themed „Creating options, when choices are gone”. The term Dumpag is from the filipino martial arts Kali and stands for self defense by use of the human body, i.e. striking, kicking, grabbing, pushing, leveraging and throwing in the broadest sense. Even so-called „dirty tactics” such as scratching and biting are part of the self-defence system.

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Pekiti Tirsia training camp in Ibiza, the Third!

Tirsian Fun In Ibiza

In September 2008 Pekiti Tirsia energetically bounced back to the party capital of the world - Ibiza for the third time. This time the Managing Director of the Pekiti Tirsia Europe, Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle, announced for a family training camp. A camp that would allow the participants to bring along their living partners and children for a holiday in the breathtaking Balearic island while enjoying an intense Pekiti Tirsia training. And so from September 7th to 13th the Pekiti Tirsia families gathered at Club Cala Pada to share a worth reminiscing week „at the beach with sun and fun“.

Read more about Tirsians bouncing back to Ibiza …

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Irresistible Pekiti Tirsia Fever European Grandtuhon Camp (May 2008)

Grandtuhon Gaje shows Pekiti Knife Dumog

From the 17th to the 24th of may 2008, the European Pekiti Tirsia Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany, were crowded with people from all over the continent. They had gathered from Finland in the north and Italy in the south, from Spain in the west and Bulgaria in the east, from the mountains of Switzerland and Austria, and from the Czech and German heartlands of the continent. Had gathered to be taught in the art of combat by Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje himself, the supreme grandmaster of Pekiti Tirsia Kali.

Many of the participants knew Grandtuhon already, from training camps in Germany, Ibiza and the Philippines themselves. But knowing Grandtuhon Gaje is by no means the same as being able to predict him – thus, nobody knew aforehand that the one week of training would provide the probably most intense Pekiti Tirsia experience ever felt outside the Philippines.

Irresistible Pekiti Tirsia…

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Pekiti Tirsia Summer Training Camp In Bulgaria (September 2007)


This years Pekiti Tirsia summer camp was held at the Black Sea in Bulgaria. Wonderful white beach and the Black Sea sometimes calm and on other days with huge waves offered an ideal training environment for Kali enthusiasts who assembled for this 9 days camp from all over Europe and even directly from the USA. The beach is an insiders tip for Bulgarian people and Bulgarian sports teams use that place as their preferred summer training environment. With the great natural resources and backed up by the kind hospitality of the Bulgaria Pekiti Tirsia group, Mandala Uli Weidle made a training camp that offered a one of a kind experience to everybody who attended.

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Pekiti Tirsia thrills North Rhine-Westphalia (August 2007)

Pekiti Tirsia Target Training

„Phenomenal show! You guys made it there! – Very impressive! – Do you offer try-out classes?” That were the common responses of the Sportland-visitors at Pekiti Tirsia Europes exhibition at the big NRW–day in the city of Paderborn. More then half a million people have been counted at the german federal states North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) festival – accordingly many people visited the Pekiti Tirsia exhibition booth.

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Friendship Visit And Training Camp To Philippines In March 2006

March 2006 a European Team travelled to Philippines for a friendship visit and training camp. Read more about Tagaytay, Balisong, Batangas, the KUTT in Antipolo, Kali training at the beach in San Jose, filipino healing art Hilot,... or enjoy having a look at our photo slide show:
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• DivX lower quality (25 MB)
• DVD very good quality (download via Edonkey/Emule, 116 MB)
• DVD lower quality (35 MB)

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Grandtuhons Blackboard: The Legacy Of Papa Isio

Grandtuhon with sibat

I wish to bring this remarkable history of Don Papa Isio, the hero of Negros Island who declared Republic of Negros under his command with thousands of Kali warriors called the Tribo Pulahan fought toe to toe against the Spaniards and against the Americans in the early of 1898 to 1915. ...

(Read Grandtuhons Message  ... )

Stick– and Knife–Challenge 2006

At pentecost weekend from June 3rd to June 5th 2006 the first international "Stick- and Knife-Challenge" open to all fighters no matter what background in style or organisations was organised by the Pekiti Tirsia Europe. The events theme: "All day headgear and glove".

The call for the challenge was responded by more then 20 male and female fighters from Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Sweden. The event was open to everybody and for all fighters the participation in training and fights was free of charge...

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Grandtuhons Blackboard: Power Of Touch

Pekiti Tirsia Kali System had the opportunity to be invited by the Young Presidents Organization, an organization with 80 countries member represented by top world business tycoons who assembled in Shangrila Hotels (Metro-Manila) from December 2-5,2005 ... the POWER OF TOUCH, one of the most unique program that was participated by Executives from different countries made them feel that the indigenous culture of discipline can be very useful in all activities in an executive daily life style ... no person regardless of his authority in life can ignore how life is important, an asset that must be guarded every minute of the day ...

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European Pekiti Tirsia Festival 2005

Punyo to headgear

While Philippines celebrated the SEA Games (South East Asia Games), the 6. European Pekiti Tirsia Festival was celebrated on weekend December 3. and 4. in Europe. The location of the event was the Pekiti Tirsia Europe Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. The festival had plenty of full contact no rules fights of the European Fighter League...

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Interview with Mandala Uli Weidle

On the occasion of the first Pekiti Tirsia workshop with Mandala Uli Weidle in Helsinki, Finland an extensive interview was made by the Finish magazine.

Read Mandala Ulis answers to questions regarding history, development and future goals of Pekiti Tirsia Europe, teaching and training concepts of Pekiti Tirsia, Experiences with Grandtuhon Gaje and training in Philippines,...

(Complete Interview ... )

Article about FMA published nationwide in Philippines

Starweek Magazine Feature:


by Melrose Valencia

A three full pages article about Filipino Martial Art, with special emphasis on the Pekiti Tirsia Filipino Martial Arts System in Europe, was published nationwide in Philippines »Starweek« Magazine.

»Starweek« is the sunday magazine of »Philippine Star«, the major national daily newspaper in the Philippines.

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Pekiti Tirsia Knife Camp 2004

The Three Days Knife Camp was conducted at the Halloween Weekend October, 30th to November, 1st by Maginoo Mandala Uli Weidle. Focus of this years camp was training street-smart methods and tactics that help to successfully survive when facing real life situations with knife threats.

From Evasion & Escape to Knife-Dumog (knife wrestling) all important aspects for successfully handling the variety of knife situations have been covered.

Like in the last years, this Knife Camp was once again fully booked to the last place. Participants came from 10 different countries making the event an international happening...

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Round about the knife: Training methods and weapons of the Pekiti Tirsia System

A central element of the Pekiti Tirsia System is training with and against the knife. A purposeful knife training, as is practised by Pekiti Tirsia, combines and develops all qualities needed by a skilful fighter: physical fitness, decision making power, determination, courage, self-confidence, understanding the necessity for and the ability to maintain "Situational Awareness" and a strategic-tactical approach.

Yet, knife training by itself is not complete. For optimal results it needs more then that...

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European Grandtuhon Training Camp in Ibiza

Before Sunrise Beach Workout

May and June had two outstanding events for the Pekiti–Tirsia world: In the middle of May was this years Grandtuhon Weekend in the European Pekiti Tirsia Headquarters in Reutlingen, Germany. 36 interested Kali–Fighters came from Germany and neighbouring countries to Reutlingen for Pekiti–Tirsia training with Grandtuhon Leo T. Gaje.

Next Event with Grandtuhon was the First European Pekiti–Tirsia Training Camp in Ibiza! Sunshine, Beach, Sea, good spirits and Grandtuhon showed Pekiti–Tirsia of the finest.

For now we have here some impressions. A full length report will soon follow...

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European Pekiti Tirsia Festival Vol. 5

Report with pictures and video about the Fifth European Pekiti Tirsia Festival in Reutlingen, Germany.

•  Fights from European Fighter League Level A,B,C
•  Exhibitions & Fiesta
•  Fun, Excitement, Culture
•  Friendship, Adrenalin, Party
•  Festival Video
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Good news from Pekiti Tirsia in Scandinavia

March, 20th 2004 was a milestone in the history of Pekiti Tirsia, as well as all FMA, in Sweden...

•  Pekiti Tirsia representing FMA at Swedish Budo Association
•  FMA accepted as separate branch in Swedish Budo Association
•  Philippine Embassy in Sweden invites Pekiti Tirsia for presentation of FMA
•  Philippine Embassy in Sweden supports Pekiti Tirsia as indigenous cultural treasures of the Philippines
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Philippines Travel  12/2003 – 02/2004...

Flow in river

Surprises and Special Action for Uli during his travel to Philippines...

•  Otso-Otso
•  Submission Dungeon
•  TV team from BBC
•  Special Action Force (SAF) the elite Philippine National Police (PNP) force for counter-terrorism, hostage rescue,...
•  Pekiti Tirsia TV Show
•  Guro Jun de Leon (Kali de Leon) from Canada
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To Teach & To Fight - Pekiti Tirsia Trainers Training

© Uli Weidle, 10/2003

Advanced Studies
  • From present to future
  • Pekiti Tirsia instructors training
  • Practical by tradition
The future of the Pekiti Tirsia system depends in the bottom line on the quality of the active trainers and instructors....

(Complete Article ... )

Pekiti Tirsia and the Military

© Uli Weidle, 11/2002

Filipino Recon Marines

Who looks around in the martial arts and martial sports scene, will soon find two very different training methods: There are those hierarchical-military like systems, whose teachings are based on command and obedience, designed for uniformly instructing a big group of students. Further, there are the family like systems, that teach a small number of humans according to their personal knowledge and individual abilities ...

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